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Home-based Businesses: The Virtues of Virtual

June 30, 2019

Home-based Businesses: The Virtues of Virtual

A home-based business can be a double-edged sword. You get the comfort and convenience of home, but risk personal isolation and unwanted exposure of your private life. How do you strike a balance?

Get the best of both worlds with a virtual office. A virtual office is usually based out of a Coworking facility where small businesses rent space and take advantage of shared amenities such as a conference room, kitchen, training space, etc. Home based business owners who are not interested or ready to rent physical space can still take advantage of the business address, mindshare and amenities of the CoWorking facility by renting a virtual office.

Protect your Privacy

When you get your business license, you’ll need to provide an address. This address becomes part of your business’ public record, enabling anyone to come knocking on your door at any time. A virtual office gives you a business address for correspondence, for mail and package delivery, and for your social media business accounts instead of revealing your home address to the world at large. Many delivery services and social media platforms do not support a PO Box, so without a physical business address, you are stuck sharing your home information.

Become Part of a Professional Community

Virtual businesses at the Offices at Spenryn enjoy the benefit of complimentary business coaching, with group sessions held twice monthly onsite. This enables them to get out of their homes and interacting with other small business professionals, expanding their knowledge, their influence base, and ultimately their business.

An ‘As Needed’ Professional Setting

If you want to hold an important meeting, host a training session or have a ribbon cutting for your business, virtual businesses can generally utilize the CoWorking facility space at a greatly discounted rate. It’s a great way to make a smart impression on potential investors or clients without the expense of a full-time professional space.

Ready to Go Virtual?

If you’d like to learn more about how a virtual office can help your business, feel free to give me a call at (256) 850-2001 or visit any time.

To your success,

Lisa Smith
Owner, The Offices at Spenryn

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