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Back Pack Safety: Lighten the Load

Nesin Therapy Services offers safety tips to protect your child’s back this year.

Back Pack Safety Tips

#1- Lighten The Load

  • Keep the load at 10-15% or less of the child's body weight.
  • Carry only those items that are required for the day.
  • Organize the contents of the backpack by placing the heaviest items closest to the back.


#2- Wear Both Straps

  • Use of only one strap causes one side of the body to bear the weight of backpack.
  • By wearing two shoulder straps, the weight is better distributed.


#3- Wear It Right

  • Wear the backpack over the strongest mid-back muscles.
  • The backpack should rest evenly in the middle of the back.
  • Should straps should not be too loose, and the backpack should not extend below the low back.


Click here for the Back Pack Safety Flyer.

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