Doing Business in Madison

The logistics of starting a new business or relocating a branch office can be a daunting task once the decision has been made. The Madison Chamber of Commerce is here to help with our FAQ below.

I am considering opening a business in Madison . What should I do?

Call the Madison Chamber of Commerce at 256-325-8317 or the Planning Department at 256-772-2885. The Chamber and the City will work together to see that you get all the information and resources you need to make an informed decision on your business location, and in many cases can direct you to sources of business assistance, financing, and incentive packages.

What is the procedure for obtaining a business license?

City of Madison Revenue Department issues business licenses, but only after you have an approved Zoning Compliance Certificate or Home Occupation Permit from the Planning Department.

Where and how in the City can I develop a particular use (e.g.,for business, for restaurant)?

Find a vacant parcel of land and determine its zoning designation by checking the Zoning Map or call to confirm that the parcel you are considering has been zoned for your proposed use (office, restaurant, etc.) by calling the Planning Department at 772-5638.

How do I apply for a building permit for a new home?

Print out and complete the Building Permit Application on this web site and turn it in to the Inspection Division in City Hall, along with a dimensioned site plan showing the location of the building on the lot, as well as a complete set of building plans.

What is the zoning on a subject property and what may be built on it?

To determine the answer, first identify the location of the subject property by reviewing a survey, and then find it on a City Zoning Map, determine the zoning designation and refer to Article V (District Regulations) of the Zoning Ordinance for permitted uses.

I would like to rezone some of my property. What should I do?

Call the Planning Department at 256-464-8427. Rezoning could require several months, so please plan your schedule accordingly. Due to state-mandated legal advertising requirements, it is not possible to make this process any shorter.

Where can I obtain a copy of an existing survey for a specific parcel of land?

The City does not file copies of surveys. However, we do have many subdivision plats on file, which contain lot dimensions and subdivision development restrictions. Call the Planning Division at 256-772-5637. Tax Maps can be accessed on-line at the Madison County Tax Assessor’s Office.

Are current demographics and traffic counts available?

Yes, the City of Madison maintains those for your use in evaluating a location in the City. Please contact the Planning Department at 256-772-2885 or request information by email. A current traffic count map is available on the City’s site.