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Why did I join the Madison Chamber of Commerce?

Most importantly, remember that you get out what you put in. Your efforts within the Chamber of Commerce will directly affect the benefits you reap. Chamber memberships conveys creditability and stability to your customers. Being a member of the Madison Chamber will open doors to many contacts that can help your business grow through the power of referrals and networking.


What does the Madison Chamber of Commerce do?

Connecting members through our own communication channels, networking events and the Ambassadors is an integral part of our active and engaged membership. Promoting members though tourism marketing, referrals and event sponsorships give members like you advanced publicity.


Who runs the Madison Chamber of Commerce?

The Madison Chamber is operated by a paid staff reporting to the Board of Directors. Directors are individuals of member businesses elected as representatives of the membership. A legion of engaged members and volunteers ensure the success of the Madison Chamber's programs.


What does the Board of Directors do?

Board of Directors set policies and procedures, providing governance, direction and vision for the Chamber of Commerce. They volunteer their time aside from their regular jobs to promote the Chamber's mission. They attend Chamber events, Committee Meetings and other community events.


What does the staff do?

The staff handles the day-to-day operations of the Chamber office. This includes most of the tasks necessary to executive our member benefits.


Is the Madison Chamber part of the City, County or State Government?

No, the Madison Chamber of Commerce is a separate entity. We are a progressive, membership-driven non-profit organization. We work closely with public entities to create an atmosphere where businesses can thrive.

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