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2024 Ambassador Program

2023 Ambassador Program

Ambassadors perform a wide variety of duties in the Chamber, but their main function is to help promote the Chamber, welcome new Members to the Chamber, and make Chamber events successful and fun for everyone. They are a professional group of community volunteers who dedicate their time to help represent the Madison Chamber of Commerce!

Our Ambassadors act as a goodwill arm of the Chamber and are an extension of the Chamber team, working with staff to provide value for Members and actively supporting recruitment and retention efforts.

The Ambassadors serve as the backbone of the Chamber’s volunteer force. All Ambassadors must be a Member themselves or an employee/representative of a Member. Ambassadors must be Members in good standing and must have the full support of their employer to allow the flexibility required to effectively carry out their responsibilities.

The Ambassadors represent both the Chamber and their Member business/organization. As such, Ambassadors are responsible to uphold the Chamber's code of conduct and may be removed in the event of a breach/failure to meet those expectations.

As front runners in the business community, Ambassadors build relationships within the community, expand visibility for their business/organization, grow their knowledge of the business community, influence the direction of Chamber programs, receive exclusive opportunities and priority invitations to community activities and events, and gain access to leadership and volunteer opportunities.

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