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Changing The Way We Live, Starts One Minute At A Time.


The latest buzzword on health and fitness is the term WELLNESS!


As we spend more time working and less time in the sack, we have come to realize that SLEEP is as important as food. Individually, we have to figured out what is “right” for each of us.  We need to ensure a quiet, dark environment as part of our sleep routine. In addition, we have to prepare for sleep throughout the day. If that doesn’t help, then consider seeing a sleep specialist who can help if there is a medical condition affecting your sleep quality.


EAT food that looks like it does in its natural form (less processed food).  Aim for at least 5 serving of vegetables a day. Drinking water can help, but so can eating a plant-based diet with high quality protein from plants (think beans or lentils) and meat (poultry and fish). Start the transformation by changing one thing in your diet and then build from there.


MOVE more! Our sedentary lifestyles are leading to our demise, therefore, moving your body is so important. Talk a walk, ride a bike, plant flowers, etc., just get your heart rate up and even lift some heavy things to build up your strength.


Finally, just RELAX! A simple outdoor walk can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your main stress hormone, Cortisol.  Meditation or journaling can reduce anxiety more than prescription medications; however, you have to schedule time to relax and then actually do it.


Wellness is becoming an everyday lexicon at work, home and schools.  It’s more than a trend and the sooner you start doing, the sooner you will feel well.


Dr. John Valtos

The Heart Center – Madison Hospital

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